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Illuminate Your Space with ALC Studio - Discover Our Luxury Lighting Collections Today!
by ALC Studio


Rs. 6,800.00
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 Enhance the style, fashion and ambience of your room with Orbicular Big Mirrors! These incredible mirrors offer excellence in quality, design, and craftsmanship. From multiple types of light temperature settings to some unique sensors like the 'Plug-n-Play' and touch options; these mirrors offer something for everyone seeking their ideal lighting setup.

The mirror is available in different sizes, allowing you to perfectly match its size to the room without worry. With these mirrors you'll bring pizzazz and flair to any room – instantly though a design upgrade that will last into perpetuity as all products come with a 5 year warranty for total convenience. Plus, these big Orbicular Mirrors have an exquisite bezelled design which will draw focus from everywhere and become the envy of others!
Take your home décor to another level with Orbicular Big Mirrors! Not only are they practical but they’re also sleek and attractive in equal measure – giving everyone there confidence when choosing high quality lighting straight away. Experience it today and see what a difference it makes when you commit to Orbicular's revolutionary technology!
*Customization Available.*
*This product will take a production time of 2-3 weeks.*
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