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Illuminate Your Space with ALC Studio - Discover Our Luxury Lighting Collections Today!
by ALC Studio


Rs. 16,260.00
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Welcome to the world of Arcadian, where you can find the perfect long mirror with lights for your home. Our unique range of premium quality mirrors come in four different sizes, and with customization options available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect mirror for your space.

Our Arcadian long mirror comes with two types of finish - matt or glossy - and three colours - black, gold or rose gold - that will add a touch of elegance no matter what your style is. Not only that, but also give you an extra edge with three lighting options – white light, natural white light and warm white light- plus customized lights option. Furthermore, we offer two types of sensors – touch and plug-n-play – so you can adjust the lighting quickly and conveniently. Don’t forget that it features frame and a metal mirror for durability!

That’s not all; when you purchase the Arcadian Long Mirror With Lights from us, you get to enjoy a 5 year warranty. Now that’s something worth thinking about! So why wait any longer? Get yourself one today and enjoy beauty shine at its best now!

 *Customization Available.*

*This product will take a production time of 2-3 weeks.*

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