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Rs. 80,000.00
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The abacus has a long history as a tool for teaching and communicating mathematics, and variations of it have been used in many ancient civilizations. Inspired by the abacus' mathematical elegance and practical design, a collection of modular pendant lamps was created by skilled craftsmen. Each lamp module, or strand, features custom-made, hand-blown opal glass that emits a soft and uniform light. Just like the original abacus, which could be used for simple arithmetic or complex calculations, these lamps are scalable and customizable. Whether for a home or a commercial setting, the Abacus light offers endless configurations, ensuring the perfect solution for any space.


DIMENSION : W150mm*L1400mm

MATERIAL : Metal + Acrylic

FINISH : White + Gold


*Product will require a production time of 4-5weeks.* 

*Customization Available*

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